A & L Steel Fabrications

Float Yards

A & L Fabrications also caters for all horse yard needs. Andrew can custom fit one legged, two legged or folda float yards to any float and custom make float yard fittings to match. Using only high tensile Australian galvanised steel A & L Fabrication’s horse yards provide a sturdy fixture for horses at events. The high tensile steel also improves the safety for horses by making the yards harder to bend and break.

Free standing yards such as round yards for lunging or cattle yards are also available.

We offer three types of yards but can customise yards to your requirements


Two Legged Yards

WP Two Legged Yards 2


With the easy assembly system these yards are quick and easy for one person to build.  Any panel can be used as a gate and yards can be made to suit any space.  Made from quality Australian steel and finished to a high standard.




Christmas 2010 054





With our unique removable bracket system yards are secured firmly to the float.  When stored correctly there will be no rattling while travelling.






One Legged Yards

WP One Legged Float Yards


We also produce one legged yards with a pin system.  Made with the same high quality materials again any panel can be used as a gate and the yard can be built to suit space available





WP One Legged Float Yards 2



As with all our yards
they can be attached
to either side of the
float or off the back.






The same unique bracket system is used to attach yards to the float, with no rattling or movement while travelling. Brackets can be removed easily while your horse is in the yard.

WP One Legged Float Yards 4

WP One Legged Float Yards 3













Folda Yards



WP Folda Yards 2


If space is an issue this is your answer.  This yard has 2 panels in 1. When stored away one section folds into the other as pictured.  Once opened (below) 1 panel becomes 2 giving you more yard space with less panels.  Again, made with the same high quality steel and attached to the float with secure removable brackets.







WP Folda Float Yards 3




WP Folda Float Yards



You can create a yard with half as many panels. They can be linked and interchanged with the one legged pin system yards making them very versatile.