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Jump Wings

A&L Fabrications makes high quality, durable show jumping equipment including show jump wings and keyhole stripping. Andrew also sells keyhole cups. Sturdy jump wings made out of high quality steel create a balanced jump and reduce the risk of the wing falling over. Keyhole stripping allows for easier building of jumps as the cups just slip into place without the need for fiddley pins to secure them.  All steel show jump wings and keyhole stripping are made from high quality Australian galvanised steel to protect from the weather and prolong life span.

A&L Fabrications can also supply Australian made and designed break away cups for increased safety when jumping. The breakaway cups allow jump poles to simply fall when knocked by a horse to reduce the impact to the horses legs. Breakaway cups are an essential safety precaution for all show jumping levels.


Show Jump Wings

All of our show jump wings come with the easy keyhole system and 2 pairs of standard reversible cups (shown below)




WP SJ Standard2The standard wing is our most basic wing,
usually used as the back wing on spreads
and oxers.  Made from quality Australian
Steel with the easy keyhole system



 The Budget wing is our lowBudget3
cost traditional style wing with
the two legs giving more
stability.  Its lighter frame
makes it easy to move around
while its still made to a
high standard






WP SJ HStyleOur H-style wing is a top of the range, heavy duty
wing with a durable structure and well
balanced design.  Made from quality material
with a keyhole system this product will not disappoint.


Wings Group

















Group SJ event

We specialise in giving our customers what they want, if you have your own design we can make it for you.


WP SJ Group2

WP SJ TofRange